Студэнцкае этнаграфічнае таварыства

Student Ethnographic Association (SEA) is the non-governmental organization which carries out research, preservation and promotion of the traditional culture of Belarus in all its diversity: dances, music, singing, crafts, ceremonies and other types of traditional knowledge. The organization was established in 2002 and in 2014 was accredited by UNESCO as the only organisation in Belarus to provide advisory services to the UNESCO International Committee on Intangible Cultural Heritage. 

Since 2016 SEA os working on the project called ("Этнаўсё" - literally means "ethno-everything"). It is an online media library, aimed to collect and systematize all kinds of publications (books, video, audio, photo, media, folklore items) on traditional culture (folklore, arts, crafts etc.) via crowdfunding and crowd-sourcing and provide legal access to the materials online to increase their visibility and support cultural diversity in a globalized world. Currently (in 2019), the project is in MVP stage (there is already about 10000 items in the database) and it is in active development.

The project also includes several sub-projects: media label of authentic folklore and online video-courses on the ethnography, crafts etc.

Currently, the knowledge base is in Belarusian only, but translation of the interface in English is planned. Currently pages could be translated via GoogleTranslate snippet.

Some example links with explanations: - a catalog of locations;  - discography on Belarusian folklore (both authentic one and interpretations); - photobank of archival photography;  - video library;  - online video courses.

The knowledge base was focused on published materials so far, but now SEA is preparing its own field expedition archives to get published within the portal.

SEA proposes its ready-made technical solutions and technical expertise for online archives and related projects. It also thinking of expanding the project to other countries, so SEA is looking for international partnerships.



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