The Bohdan Medwidsky Ukrainian Folklore Archives studies, documents, acquires, and preserves Ukrainian folklore in Ukraine, Canada, and around the world as it changes over time, and makes it available to researchers and the public. BMUFA strives to become the premier resource that documents cultural experiences of Ukrainians in Ukraine, Canada and other diaspora communities, accessible to all and integral to the understanding of diaspora culture. BMUFA originated in 1977 through the initiative of Dr. Bohdan Medwidsky as a collection of student manuscripts. It was renamed the "Bohdan Medwidsky Ukrainian Folklore Archives" in 2003 to honour Dr. Medwidsky. Ethnographic collections that document human life and traditions are at the core of the Archives. It also houses non-current records of people, organizations and corporate bodies that document Ukrainian culture.


BMUFA acquires, preserves and provides access to records that have enduring value and are related to Ukrainian folk culture, such as: traditional songs, tales, sayings, beliefs, calendar customs, life cycle rituals, material culture, folk arts, performance traditions, community life studies of Ukrainian ethnic culture such as dance, choral activity, drama, embroidery, foodlore, ceramics studies of vernacular and popular culture that relate to Ukrainian identity.

Holdings include audiovisual recordings, manuscripts, correspondence, diaries, journals, photographs, posters, and printed ephemera. BMUFA maintains a Research Library covering topics of Ukrainian folklore, general folklore theory, history and culture of Ukrainian Canadians and other Ukrainian diaspora communities. BMUFA houses a collection of artifacts that is used for teaching, research, as well as for exhibits and other outreach activities.



Bohdan Medwidsky Ukrainian Folklore Archives

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