ארכיון הסיפור העממי בישראל ע"ש דב נוי - אסע"י

The Israel Folktale Archives (IFA), named in honor of its founder Prof. Dov Noy, were established in 1955. Two principle motives led to their establishment. Firstly, to collect, save, and document oral folk narratives passed down over the generations by newly arriving immigrants, and veteran Israelis alike, from numerous ethnic and cultural backgrounds; and, secondly, to systematically research these folk narratives using modern scientific methods. IFA has the largest collection of Jewish folktales in Israel and the world over. IFA initiates folktale research in concert with Israeli and foreign research institutes, and publishes scientific editions from its collection.


The Israel Folktale Archives is a unique, rich collection of more than 24,000 folk tales, based on Jewish oral tradition and Israeli folk narratives. The IFA is also documenting stories from Israel's Arab population – including Bedouin, Christian, Muslim and Druze. The tales were told by more than 5,000 narrators from 70 ethnic groups in several languages, and were documented by 1,000 fieldworkers. The collection is organized and classified according to various categories, including the Aarne-Thompson international indexing system. The data compiled at the Israel Folktale Archives includes the details and life histories of the narrators, and stresses the roles, backgrounds and motives of the recorders.



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