Folklivsarkivet i Lund

The Folklife Archives were founded in 1913 by Carl W. von Sydow who the same year was appointed examiner for the subject of folklore. The collected records formed a folklore collection associated with Lund University and from the beginning the Folklife Archives were integrated with the education and research of the academic discipline today known as ethnology.


Archive material consists of interviews, questionnaire answers, records, photographs and video recordings, as well as audio recordings of folk music, folk dance, music books and handwritten songbooks. There are also measurements, photos, and descriptions of folk buildings, in addition to personal documents such as letters and diaries. Until the 1960s, the Folklore Archives’ collections contained only folklore, folk customs, country folk techniques, and social culture. In the 1960s and thereafter, the collections included data on 19th- and 20th-century culture and ways of life. A special series of the Folklore Archives represents the collection of watercolors, drawings, descriptions and notes created by Nils Månsson Mandelgren (1813-1899). His intention was to depict Swedish cultural history.



Databases: www.folklivsarkivet.lu.se/samlingar/



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