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The Elphinstone Institute was founded in celebration of the University of Aberdeen's quincentenary in 1995. The Elphinstone Institute Archives were created soon after to house the fieldwork and materials of staff, students, and the general public.


The research focus of the Elphinstone Institute is on the vernacular culture and folklore of the North-East of Scotland. The Elphinstone Institute Archives holds over 2,000 items, the bulk of which is made up of audio and video recordings. Also contained in the archives are photographs, digital scans of manuscripts, and questionnaires. Broad genres covered include calendar customs, singing, instrumental music, ballads, craftwork, narrative, oral history, occupational folklore, vernacular architecture, and vernacular religion. The Elphinstone Institute is currently in the process of digitising the materials of the archives and making the catalogue database available online.

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The Folklore Society (FLS) is a learned society, based in London, devoted to the study of all aspects of folklore and tradition, including: ballads, folktales, fairy tales, myths, legends, traditional song and dance, folk plays, games, seasonal events, calendar customs, childlore and children's folklore, folk arts and crafts, popular belief, folk religion, material culture, vernacular language, sayings, proverbs and nursery rhymes, folk medicine, plantlore and weather lore.

Folklore Society papers 1878 and onwards, plus deposited mss collections of folklore notes.




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